custom repair kit


the custom repair kit has everything you need to fix the scuffs on your cycling shoes! It includes a step by step guide and a link to a video tutorial talking you through the process.

mixing the ingredients together creates a paste which hardens overnight and then can be sanded off for a smooth finish. paint and finisher is included with the kit to ensure the area stays protected.

kit includes: pva glue, bicarbonate of soda, paint, finisher, sandpaper, x2 paintbrushes, step by step guide, QR code link to a private video tutorial showing the whole process.


small kit- ideal to fix the small scuffs on your shoes (i.e. the toes)

medium- designed for deeper scuffs (covering a wider area)

large- works for shoes with numerous large scuffs (covering the whole of the shoe)


Customs charges may apply on international orders. No refund given on custom orders.


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